Friday, February 27, 2009

Toll Hike???...

Damnit!! What the fish??

PLUS Highway + 5%

Sprint + 30 & 50 sen

NPE + 40 sen

AKLEH + 50 sen

BESRAYA + 10 sen

Tak kaya-kaya lagi ke all these highway concessionaires? Perfect timing too! When everyone (minus the politicians la. All they ever think of is their own gila kuasa attitude and filling their already fat coffers) is worried sick about the economic crisis, about people being laid-off; the cabinet decided to approve the hike. What were they thinking? Apparently NOT la kan.

The approval was given sometime two weeks ago by the cabinet, right when global credit crunch was at its worst. Did they take that into consideration? Hell no! Patutla companies to the likes of IJM and PLUS didn't care two hoots about their toll booths being teared down. Rupa-rupanya, ada udang sebalik mee...

I don't think the toll hike will ruffle any 0f the cabinet members' feathers, given that their take home pay is RM 20k plus a month and on top of that, they get to claim for mileage. But what about us, the mere lowly mortals? Isn't it enough that we had to suffer the effects of the petrol price hike last year which led to prices of food and all other essential stuff to skyrocket high that can still be felt till today, but now this?

Luckily the LDP is not increasing its toll price, kalau tak, ada yang aku mogok pakat bayar toll pakai RM 50 note at its Ayer Itam, Sunway and Puchong Batu 14 toll everytime aku lalu.

Even the route to my parents' house from Tol Batu Tiga to Sungai Rasau will be increased come this Sunday. As far as I can remember, my parents and I have been paying that two damn tolls for the past 33 years (even longer for my parents) and their rates have never gone down. Makin naik ada la. Bila nak habis bayar to the concessionaire pun tak tau la.

What has become to our country la? Ni yang rasa nak lari balik Loughborough or Purdue where all the Motorways and Interstates are toll-less.


nong@kween said...

Gila kan..aku byr 3 toll to & fro hari2.. mampus.. kalau simpan duit toll tu setahun, dah dpt speedy seketol..

now kekonon on hold.. until further notice..mmg patot pun!! gawat2 ni nak naik harga..


nasib baik it's being put on hold but let's see for how long.

speedy mana ko boleh dpt? 30? 35? monogram? damier? hehhehe...

Anonymous said...


Damier 30 laa... sadis ok..