Thursday, November 05, 2009

Happy Seventh Birthday Zareef!

My dearest Zareef,

Firstly, please forgive me my son for delaying your birthday post. A lot has happened since your birthday that Mommy, somehow or rather, forgot (most of the time) or was feeling mighty lazy (this would always be the case) to write about you.

13th October marked the day you were borned. It seems like it was just yesterday that I went through 30 hours of hellish labor and now you've turned into this wonderful, sweet and thoughtful brother that Mommy and Daddy could not ask for more.

Your love for the outdoors is so great that if given the choice, you would rather spend every second of every minute being a part of it despite me telling you repeatedly to come inside whenever it rains. You are never afraid to try out new activities and it gives me great pride to see you thriving well in everything that you do be it catching a large fish from Tok Dol's pond or deciding not to use your floaties and join me in the adults' pool to jumping from the jetty into the deep blue sea but with a lifejacket of course! You definitely took that from me :) . One day, when you're tall enough, you can accompany Mommy on roller coaster rides and leave your chicken of a Daddy to man our bags down below hehehhe...

I thank Allah SWT for bestowing me with the best gift that I could ever ask for. Having you in my life has indeed changed me to be a better person - more responsible, less likely to act compulsively, a super multitasker and have more patience eventhough it's not my best virtue. You've continued to test me and Daddy with every possible challenge there is, like the time I lost you at Midvalley when I was nine months pregnant with your sister or when you thought burying a live kitten in the sand was funny. You certainly kept me on my toes...

This year also marks a new milestone in your life as you embarked on a journey called school. It puts a smile on my face to see that you enjoy school tremendously, do your homework diligently *ehem* and passed your exams with flying colors especially your Science subject. However, one grouse that I have is your inability to wake up in the morning. Please la Zareef... penat tau Mommy and Daddy nak kejut pagi-pagi and it has been almost a year already! Hopefully, when you enter Year Two, you'll be more inclined to wake up on your own without us threatening to pour cold water down your neck.

So my dear son, I have nothing but the best to wish you in your life. Daddy and I have and will always pray that you become the anak yang soleh, berjaya di dunia and akhirat. As the eldest, I have high hopes that you'll always look after your sister and us. We will always be here for you for every step that you take, every stumble that you fall upon, every achievements that you accomplish and every joyous occasion that you celebrate, InsyaAllah...

Please remember that Mommy and Daddy love you very, very much. We'd go to the moon and back to make your every wish come true. Our sky is the limit. Our only hope is for you to love us back with every bone in your body till our last days on Earth.

Happy 7th Birthday my darling! May this year be better than the last. God bless!!

Lots of love,

Mommy and Daddy.


Along said...

Happy birthday Zareef!!! Hope you become a wonderful son and brother to your family. Jangan noti-noti nanti jadi jin noti..hahaha

KS said...

tahun depan leh makan kambiing lagik! hehe


along: AMINNN... to all your prayers. Thanks a lot :D

ks: InsyaAllah... jangan tak datang pulak :)