Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Princess Is Three!

My darling Zara,

I still cannot believe that you're already three. It seems like it was just yesterday that I cried tears of joy upon hearing from the doc that I was carrying a girl. I just couldn't believe it and had to ask her repeatedly for assurance. Not that I wasn't thankful. I was, believe me I still am. It's just that given the hereditary lineage of both sides of the family, getting a girl is as good as impossible. I could only thank God at that time and also your Daddy's soldiers, of course ;)

You've well passed your Terrible Two stage but now that you're a certified Terrifying Three, I'm just gobsmacked at your new antics. Like the time I told you "Look Zara, tengah hujan kat luar" and you innocently replied, "Bukan hujan la Mommy, it's raining". Okay, I see the pattern here. You're just like your brother when he asked me, "Mommy, what is ungu?". And that was recently at the age of seven. Blame me for teaching you more in English than Bahasa. I just want you to be well-versed in both language although it seems that you're more inclined on the former rather than the latter. Oh well, you can't have it all, can you?

Your cheeky grin and impish smile have never ceased to put a smile on my face even on my most sombre moods and angriest moment. That's the only reason I nicknamed you "Cheeky Monkey". Your infectious laugh when I tickle you is the ultimate elixir to soothe away my woes.

Most people that has met you would never stop exclaiming how much you look like me. I'm glad for I wouldn't want it any other way.

Abang Zareef is your idol of the moment. Everywhere he goes, you go. To you, he can do no wrong. It fills me with so much joy watching you and Abang (as you fondly call him) playing together, teaming up while concocting some pranks to pull on Mommy or Daddy. Alhamdullillah, I didn't have to worry about any sibling rivalry. You and Abang got along just fine and dandy.

But with any relationships, there will be some cat fights along the way. You and Abang are not excluded from that. When you fight, you'd scream, shout and push your claws out making it hard to believe how one minute you were such angel and turn into a banshee next.

But I wouldn't want you any other way. You're my sunshine. You have so much love to give that you'll just keep on hugging and kissing me till I can't say 'STOP'. You would ask if I'm sick or in pain at the slightest change of expression or moan. I love you kiddo, for all the love that you have in that tiny heart of yours.

Ohhhh... not forgetting, how much you adore Daddy. Your eyes would light up at the moment you hear Daddy's car pulling into the driveway. You'd dance a little jig and jump up and down, excited that Daddy's finally home after a long hard day at work. I am definitely not wrong by saying that you are Daddy's girl.

Once Daddy is in the house, Mommy dah tak laku. You'll eat, drink, change your diapers, have your susu and sleep with Daddy. Although Daddy doesn't really say or show it, I'm pretty sure the feeling's mutual.

We truly love you Princess to infinity and beyond, for all that you are. Mommy and Daddy wish only the best in life for you and we only want your love in return. Just that. We would do anything for your happiness and well-being even if it means that we have to beg, borrow or steal.

Happy 3rd birthday Zara. May Allah bless with you with all the good things in life. We pray that you'll be a solehah daughter here and thereafter.

Love you always kiddo,
Mommy and Daddy


KS said...

happy belated birthday zara!

and kak noresh, u've won something! ;)


WUUHUUUU!!! I won! I won! I won!! Please excuse the peghakness :P. tak penah menang any quiz. first time nih...

akan ku tunggu hadiah dengan penuh kesabaran hehehhe... jangan bagi kimchi sudah...

dillazag said...

Happy belated birthday Zara!!!! :)

Zaihasra Manik Jepun said...

That's a very touching post ( I just finished all 4 Twilight saga, so I'm in a very romantic mood)...makes me wonder why I never express that kind of feeling to my kids in writing, unlike you. You're a very good mom Nora...and Happy Belated Bday to Zara


dillz & zai: on behalf of zara, thank you so much aunties :)

zai: i just wrote from my heart and not my head. i only use my head to write when i'm writing technical stuff (yang sangat la berzaman dulu). it's the only way for me to express myself coz if i were to tell them all these, it'll be forgotten in minutes. at least if i have it in writing, they'll be able to read it when they grow up (provided blogspot wujud lagi la masa tu hehhe).

you're a good and loving mom to your kids too, zai. kalau tak, you wouldn't bust your ass off at work just to provide the best that you can offer to your kids. each mom has different ways to express their love to their children so you can't make any comparison. just stick to what you think is best for you and your kids.

i'll see you this sunday ya! nanti kita boleh borak panjang2 lagi hehehhe...