Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Deal

When Zareef started his Year One early this year, we made a deal - he will be rewarded handsomely if he gets any one of the top three in his class. Boy, was he excited.

Then, sometime in the middle of the year, his cousins graduated from a GameBoy to a PSP. Seeing that a PSP was far more interesting than the GameBoy, he started requesting for one. Inasmuch as we wanted to buy it for him (in this case, it'll benefit Mommy as well hehehhe), we didn't want it to be an easy one for him i.e. he asks for anything and we buy for him. That's totally spoiling him and we'd end up with a brat, which, is a big NO-NO.

So, we striked a deal with him. The deal was and still remains that he'll get his PSP ONLY if he gets first in class. That's it. Not second, not third but first. A hard bargain there but I firmly believe in rewarding hard work. It'll be that much sweeter, won't it?

Zareef did work hard. He got eighth for his first PKSR and recently for his finals, he moved up to fifth in his class with an overall of 80% which to me was good enough. After a week, he brought home his result slip and gave it to me to look, sign and of course praise him :) .

After hugging and kissing him for his excellent results, he said "Tengokla belakang kertas tu Mommy". Huhh?? And when I turned, I read this,

I just laughed in disbelief! It was such a sweet note asking for a PSP but if I can't buy it for him, then he's okay with it. Oh boy, my heart melted reading his note and I almost caved in but a deal is still a deal. Backing out of it would only relay to Zareef that it's okay to get less than expected and he'll still be rewarded. Not a good idea.

I asked him to justify why does he deserve the PSP and he started listing down his good deeds which to him was monumental and an achievement. After listening to his reasons, I told him that I'll discuss it with his Daddy and we'll sleep on it.

That night, when B got home, I showed Zareef's result slip. After going through his son's results while nodding and smiling, I asked B to turn over the paper. He did and a wide smile broke out with "Alahai... kesian la pulak". My point exactly!

We discussed over the matter and we reached a decision. The next morning when B sent Zareef to school, he talked it over with Zareef and striked another deal.

Zareef can only have his PSP if and only if he gets circumsized. "Haaa!! Sunat??!!". After what seems an eternity, he nodded limply and said "Okaylah...." with a sad face. Deal sealed :)

Now that it's the school holidays, Zareef will be circumsized this Sunday, 29th November along with his four cousins at Klinik An-Nur, Bangi laser styled. At least, these boys will come of age together as they always do. It'll definitely be a merry do at the clinic.

My sister-in-laws and I have decided to hold a kenduri doa selamat for our boys this Friday on Raya Haji itself at my parents' house in Klang and has invited everyone from the neighborhood, relatives and friends. Seekor kambing akan tumbang for this occasion. So, if you are in the hood, please drop by to join in the kenduri. It'll be held after solat Jumaat.

And so, Zareef got what he wished for but will only be bought after he goes through the process. No point of buying it now when he'll have the chance to back out at the last minute, right?!

My boy is growing up! He's coming of age! I'm happy for him but at the same time I'm sad. He's growing too fast. I just want to hug and kiss him and cuddle him in my arms forever but I can't possibly do that, can I? I'm quite apprehensive about him going through the ordeal but rest assure, I'm dragging B into it as well. No way I'm going in the operating room alone. Karang pengsan aku nak hold Zareef down alone.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha semua!


kaezrin said...

cayalah zareef for doing very well in school...

and i think it is a fair deal jugak..:P

Doubleaye said...

Cepatnya! Baru nak masuk Standard 2. BTW suka buat makan2 time aku takde. :( :P


elin: on behalf of zareef, thank you :) .

i try nak delay the process of belikan dia psp but nowadays, it's everywhere. since dia dah agree nak sunat, this will be his reward. kalau tak, tunggu je lah sampai dapat no. 1 hehehhe...

zoow: better now than later coz kids heal faster when they are younger. plus dia dah merengek nak psp so this is it. a reward for him :)

babe... nak buatnya...takde rezeki kau la. tunggula may next year and we'll both make sure that neither of us fall ill.

Anonymous said...

tu dia aih..

kalah PPA dengan IPP

Along said...

The trouble with my kids is that they know, if ibu and abah don't buy things for them, takpe..can ask from Pakngah or Wan!! Sabar je la..kudos to Zareef for the great results and sunat thingy. Nanti auntie along mai rumah bleh pinjam tak PSP? :D

Amy said...

Wah nak sunat dah, cepat betul masa berlalu, rasa macam baru je attend wedding korang :). Kudos to Zareef, sure tersenyum lebar dpt PSP tu nanti :)

KS said...

congrats zareef! lepas2 ni insyaAllah dapat nombor 1 pulak okeh! lambat2 pon takpe, auntie (ye ke? bukan kakak ke? :P), masa form 4-5 barulah dapat no 1 dalam kelas :).. so takpe, janji ada improvement hehe

aniway, selamat bersunat!! mesti tak tido malam ni hehehe.. (zareef tido kot, maknya yg tak tido sebab gabra :P)


people, the khatan has been postponed. will tell you all about it in the next post.

joe: IPP i get. what's PPA?

along: thanks :) . my parents, in laws and brothers know better than to buy luxurious items for my kids without asking me first.

amy: thanks :) . memang betul la. cepat sunggoh masa berlalu. rasa cam baru je kawin hahahha...

matun: thanks :) . silap tuh. mommy and anak tido nyenyak je. siap berdengkur lagi! hheheheh...