Monday, November 22, 2004

Raya Chronicles

We celebrated 1st Syawal on Saturday. Yupp... it was a day earlier than our counterparts back home. It was a shocker for me as I was anticipating Raya to be on Sunday just like Malaysia and Saudi Arabia but noooo...

So... there I was in total frantic and kelam kabut, started cooking up a storm on Friday as soon as I knew about it officially on the Islamic Channel (836 on Sky). By 1 am, I've finished cooking the nasi impit (plastopat as my dad would call it), rendang minang (upon special request from B), kuah kacang and sayur lodeh. My plan to include lemang and to finish up my pineapple tarts and bake fruit cake did not materialize.

Sleeping late resulted us in waking up late the next morning and was late for the Raya Prayers. We only made it to listen to the khutbah gave by a friend of ours.

We spent the whole day visiting friends, going from one house to another. There was a total of 11 open houses on the first day but we only managed to do a round of 6 houses. The tummy was too full to accommodate anymore food plus I had to prepare for our open house the following day. Made mee jawa in addition to all the food that I've cooked on the eve of raya. Throngs of friends came. There must be like more than 100 people who visited us from 11 am right till 9 pm. I was so damn tired after that, that I left B to do the cleaning up while I dozed off with Zareef.

Raya in Loughborough was sooooo happening that I didn't even have time to be sad. Good thing, eh?!

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