Saturday, November 06, 2004

Still Can't Get The Hang Of It

Argghhh!!! Learning new things are always frustrating at first. I'm still trying my way around the blogspot and it's already giving me stress. When I post, it doesn't come out. When I want to post a picture, it doesn't come out as well. When I edit, the old edition still exists. When I delete, it's still there!

Can someone tell me how to post pictures and write descriptions about it as well? How do I go about doing it if I want to post more than 1 pix and write description about it one after another i.e. picture, description then another picture, description?


jula juli said...


Senang aje, uplod gambar you kat mana mana eg fotopages, textamerica or photobucket, then dapatkan kod gambar tu eg srv bla bla bla ....pas tu masa nak pos kat blog, klik kat edit html, so masokkkan kod tu ....


noresh said...

Thanx a bucket rini!!