Tuesday, November 30, 2004

China Away

My shopping excursion did not end with the Queens (see previous post). On Saturday (the same week) I was up just after the birds were, all ready and geared up for my china hunt at the Wedgwood Factory Shop Clearance Sale. I dragged a reluctant B and a cranky Zareef out of the bed. Hehehe... mummy nak shopping punya pasal, semua org kena bangun awal pagi2 buta hari Sabtu di kala musim winter ini.

I knew about this sale about a couple of weeks back and have been informing anyone that have crossed path with me about it. Hasil dpd pukulan canang yang maha hebat, I managed to round up 4 friends of mine who also roused up their disheartened families respectively. We convoyed all the way to Stoke. I thought we were among the early birds but was I wrong! The car park was already filled to the brim. Loads and loads of tour buses filled with aged ladies (true! must have left their slow partners behind) from as far as London were already queuing up. Man! The line was the worst ever, par none! Even the line for rides in Universal Studios couldn't compare to this. Luckily I had a friend way up front of the line, at the entrance door to be exact. So, dengan muka selambanya, menolak trolley yg berisi Zareef mara ke depan and terus beratur bersama2 kawan saya itu. Hhihihi... talking about cutting queues. Tiba-tiba, a tap on my shoulder and...

'Excuse me, why are you cutting the line? We've been waiting here forever and you simply waltzed in front of us'

'Oh... I was here before you but I went out of line to get the trolley so that I can put my son in it and the chinas too... See...' I showed towards Zareef (Nasib baik masa tu Zareef was fully cooperating and buat muka sejuk cum cute dia tu). Takde la nampak guilty as charged.

'She's with me. We were here before you were. She just went out of the line to get the cart.'

'I see. I'm sorry then.'

'It's alright.'

Phew! Lega!!

Anyway, it took me 30 minutes to go inside the warehouse from here. It was bloody cold. I stood for so long that my feet went numb. Zareef started to get restless so I called for reinforcements. Yupp... it's B to Zareef's rescue. I told B to take Zareef into the cafe in the factory shop and buy hot chocolate and some pastries for breakfast. After what I felt like an eternity, the staff that guarded the door let my friend and I in. Only two were allowed at a time. Apparently, the line inside the warehouse were not moving. Everyone were busy choosing but no one was paying.

When I got in, euphoria overwhelmed me. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't think, I couldn't speak and I dare not touch anything. My friend was going... 'Sabar Nora... take a deep breath and pilih cepat2. Nanti orang lain kaut banyak2, nangis tak berlagu pulak'. People were grabbing chinas like nobody's business. Berbakul2. Tak cukup bakul... bertrolley2!... I would say, some of them would have easily spent thousands of pounds.

After a thorough scouting and examining, I've decided to pick the Jade range and to completely furnish my Nantucket collection. I was utterly amazed at the price slash. Everything in the warehouse were discounted at 75% or more

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