Friday, January 25, 2008

To Gold Coast and Back

It was my MIL's idea to go at the very last minute. She summoned her three sons and concocted the idea. The three sons were very eager and I was thrown into a packing frenzy but what can I pack at such a short notice? LIGHTLY said B. Okay then.

Hehehehheh... GOTCHA!! Yeah I know. I'm sure some of you are spewing god-knows-what curses at me right now.

We went to Sepang Gold Coast or formerly known as Bagan Lalang which was an hour's drive from our home. God knows why the name was changed. For commercialization purposes perhaps? But please... Gold Coast??? You got to be kidding me! This place is like a century behind the world famous original namesake. What were they thinking?? Apparently NOT la kan. They even have a development going on looking very similar to the Palm in Dubai and get this, it's called... yeah you're right The Palm Resort. Like... DOHHHHH

Anyway, name aside, we did have a wonderful time there albeit for a short while. Everything was decided at the very last minute so we only reached there at 6 in the evening. Upon reaching, I was surprised with the scene that greeted me. I was imagining barren lonely sea filled with slut and mangroves like the last time I was there for my Biology class way back in Form Five at SSP. Boy, was I dead wrong. Instead what greeted me was clean, white, powdery sandy beach. We went on a Sunday, so there were families here, there, everywhere enjoying the breeze, playing on the beach, swimming in the warm inviting sea and even having a spot of picnic and barbecueing. How cool is that!

I think Zareef had the most fun. He rode the pony, played on the beach, built sand castles and even attempted a dip in the sea but was strictly prohibited by his Wan. What a spoilsport.
It took us only an hour to drive here from Puchong. The whole journey was quite entertaining with winding trunk roads passing through fields of dragon fruits, small villages and monkeys on the side. I love old trunk roads because they are full of surprises at every bend with small towns dotting the road along the way plus B get to brush up on his driving skills (yes, he is a rally driver wannabe). Since we have the trusted X-Trail, going off-road is not a problem at all.

Zareef had so much fun that he was begging us to come again. Even I was enchanted by the place. To end the night, we had a seafood dinner there. Oh God! The food was delicious up to the point of me crying! Yes, I did shed a few tears and snort while eating the lip-smacking delicious chili crab. All the sea creatures were fresh fresh from the sea. We had ikan kerapu masak 3 rasa, sweet and sour siakap, chili crabs, kerang rebus, chili kepahs, grilled stingray, grilled huge prawns, sotong tepung and kailan ikan masin. Sorry, no pictures of the said food as my camera ran out of juice. I was definitely stuffed! All that I've mentioned costed B only RM 192 and was gobbled down by 6 very, hungry adults. Very good I say, both the price and the yummylicious food. Oh, it's Bagan Lalang Seaview Restaurant if any of you are interested. Don't go anywhere else because it ain't worth it (that'll be another post to share). You can't miss it because it's right smack at the corner on the right upon reaching Sepang Gold Coast.

We came back happy, full to the brim and sleepy. Zareef has already made plans for us to come again (which we did but again, that'll be in the next post). So people, do go to Sepang Gold Coast. It's clean, it's beautiful, you'll get to spend good quality time with your family, then end it with delicious food and get this, it's only an hour drive from Puchong. How cool is that to have a beach so near my place!


MDR said...

oh i've heard so much about the seafood there, but never got a chance to try it for myself...Some time during Raya, Hubby's buddies planned a gathering there, but the plans never materialized :-(

But thanks to ur testimony, we'll definitely have to go there one of these days! Bunyi punyelah glamour..Gold Coast! Rupanye Bagan Lalang...(well, if you translate it to something like Bagan Weeds, it wouldn't sound very tourist-friendly, I suppose) *LOL*

btw, I haven't been blogging since last August which is why I put up the 'privacy' screen, so don't worry, ur not missing anything..hehe

Hope to get back in the blogging arena after my thesis is completed! And you'll definitely get an invite ok :-)


yes! you must go there. i'm very sure aqila will enjoy herself. kalau tak aqila pun, her mummy and daddy will :p

no doubt bagan weeds sounds exotic (?) but taking the name gold coast is way over the top. i mean, kalau nak tiru pun, kena la make sure the name given befits the place kan. see, nama tempat pun nak plagiarize.

don't forget to invite ya. good luck on completing your thesis. you'll need it (talking from experience of witnessing one who had gone thru it la kan...)

nong@kween said...

Weiii.. we just went there last Sunday (Ali's attempt to lure us away from shopping malls.. :P). It was fun. We spent hrs playing kite and narnia running around/along the soft sand beach..

we shud go there together...

Larawannabe said...

sepang gold coast?? pepasal suddenly boleh guna bahse inggeris pulak. haritu semangat tukar all english-named roads and places to BM. oh, the irony :p

maybe we can head there over the long hols this week pulak. hehe.


nong: yes we should!! then we must eat at the seaview restaurant. their chili crabs are absolutely mouthwatering! kita buat rombongan cik kiah la, nak?

lara: I KNOW!! blame it on the selangor govt. now not only do road names are changed, so does our education system. dulu sibuk tukar maths and science to english. after spending millions on teacher's training, books, courses and such, now they're changing it back to BM. How anal is that?? I mean, make up your mind dude! Just imagine the poor, poor kids who are confused for being the victims of these changes.

yes, we should go together. lets plan ya..

Along said...

Camne nak pi sana? This would be a great weekend activity other than wondering at shopping malls. Tmpt nak solat ada tak Noresh? What time does the place open?

mummychomel said...

huhu I never actually thot abt it.. but ya lor, our place is quite near the beach when you think abt it.. i've only been there once, for seafood. itupun we were from KL, so the drive did seem a bit long.. huhu maybe this time I can pujuk GA to go in the evening...


along: from our place, drive towards sepang F1 circuit. drive by it till you reach a huge crossroad. turn right following directions to sepang. from there onwards, just follow signpost sepang gold coast or hotel seri malaysia sepang.

there is a surau, toilets and shower rooms to get changed, lots of food stalls.

i don't know what time these people start selling but the beach is all yours from morning till night.

if you intend on eating seafood, most of the restaurants open at 7 pm. just go to bagan lalang seaview restaurant. others? not worth it coz i've tried and nyesal tak sudah

mc: you and ga kan kaki makan. i'm sure he's all for it esp. if it means no having to trudge the malls. instead, good quality fun time with the family. lepas tu, can go eat yummilicious seafood.