Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Konnichiwa from Tokyo

It's day 1 in Tokyo and already we've had a full day of walking. Landed at Narita International Airport at 7.08 am and I've been greeted with cool, crisp weather which I've missed so much. Took the airport limo (just a bus but over here, they call everything from the airport, a limo) and it took us 1.5 hours to reach our hotel.

Welcome to Japan! Taken right after passing through the immigration with flying colors, hehe.

So far I've picked up on Arigato go zai mas (Thank you very much), Wa-kari-masen (I don't understand), Hait (yes), sumi-masen (excuse me) which are enough to get me by. Thank God most signboards have English Language on them so walking about is not so challenging.

B trying to rent mobile phones because both of ours couldn't work in Japan. Takde 3G. So people, if you plan to come here, make sure that your phones are 3G enabled even though you're okay for roaming. Sucks man! It costs us 210 yen/day to rent a mobile and we're staying here for eight! Memang sah lepas ni aku beli N82.

I've had my dose of uber fresh sashimis and delectable sushis and perfectly battered tempuras. All I can say is YUMMY!! I don't mind at all that all these will be my staple food for the next 7 days.

Us waiting for our airport limo. Departure time stated on the ticket was at 8.45 am and guess what! Exactly at 8.45 am it went, not waiting for anyone. Talk about Japanese punctuality!

I'm staying at Hotel Villa Fontaine located at Shiodome. I was very, very impressed with the hotel upon arriving. Will share photos later. Right now I'm off to bed. Tomorrow nak jalan-jalan kat Shinjuku sorang2 while B and his colleagues will be away for a site visit somewhere 2 hours away by train. I'm arming myself with the trusted Tokyo Metro Guide and several useful pictures in my digicam (like gambar oink-oink, toilet, and the hotel).

B checking us in at the hotel. The hotel boasts of cool minimalist decor tinged heavily with zen-like concept. I love it!

The very spacious hotel lobby that greeted us. Cone-lighted lamps made of straw are placed on each table. The effect these lamps bring during the night are breathtaking with their warm soft glow. Very romantic indeed!

p/s: Yatie, I wish you were here with us. I know we would have painted the town red while our husbands are away doing their business. Oh well, we'll plan for another one, shall we?


mrika said...

have fun in tokyo ... free to roam the streets on your own .. how very student-days like. :-) (am assuming your kids aren't with you, yes?)

oh, and happy belated anniversary. 'sevenmoon' .. cute!

Aja said...

bestnye g tokyo...have a great holiday...!


mrika: i definitely am having fun here without the kids. baru la boleh jalan2 in peace. you're free too right?! from confinement that is.

and thanx for the wish.

kak aja: arigato go zai mas!! hehehhe...

Larawannabe said...

have a great time in japan. time sakura kan right now? take (and upload) lots of pics k.

dah beli n82 blom? hehe.

ms ngantuk said...

ooh bestnya! eh awak x jd keje ke?


lara: i'm back and i had a WHALE of a time! despite the language barrier, tokyo is so much fun!

belum beli lagi la :( financier kata, tunggu lambat lagi coz nak recover from the mega trip.

kay: sila baca post yg baru ye. tokyo mmg best!!