Friday, January 23, 2009

Bad Vibes

It's one thing to bash on other people's post in your blog, that I get, because it's yours. Write whatever you want. But when the comments that followed are utterly ugly, hurtful and shallow replete with sexual innuendos, it has reach a level that has become distasteful bordering to atrocious and appalling.

Read it people. Yes, I'm providing the link. I'm flagging it. If you think it deserves to be flagged as well, please do.

I can't believe that such mind sets still exist.


KS said...

saya pon sudah flag ittew blog. sungguh nastylah some of the comments! macam diorang aje btol.

btw the way akak, hari jumaat saya amik kek yer... jangan lupa plak :P tenkiuuuu :)

dJ phuturecybersonique said...

belum tengok lagi blog azwan ali! i hope you wont have to though.


KS: saya tak lupa. tgh dok terkial2 nak lukis gambar panda berkung fu nih... tsk..

DJ: i have! sikit lagi nak muntah darah kay..