Saturday, January 17, 2009

16 Random Facts

I've been tagged. All I have to do is to list down 16 random facts about myself that others may not know off. Eh... bukan dah pernah buat ke dulu? Oh silap. That was asking for six weird things about me.

Well, here goes...

#1. I don't watch malay horror movies. I'm too scared to watch them because the horrifying images would haunt me for life! Hantu mat salleh no problem pulak. I guess because the malay ghosts are too close to home.

#2. I still count while doing anything - going up and down the steps, folding the clothes, watering the plants, while pulling out weeds from my garden and so many others. It's weird bordering to OCD.

#3. I have severe distaste for bad written English and mangled spoken English. If my eyes could bleed while reading them, they would. Please, I beg you. If you truly want to write in English, please put in some effort to at least make it easier to read. And don't use bombastic words if you don't know the meaning. Simple is fine as long as it's grammatically correct and you can get your message across. Sentences like "Please bare with me" and "Get loose looser!" would simply get your readers to laugh their asses off. My advise is, watch plenty of cartoons, read lots of comics and start easy with Ladybird's Peter and Jane.

#4. I pronounce the alphabet 'Z' as 'zi' and not 'zed'.

#5. I write using US English and not UK English. Easier to spell and less alphabets to write. Eg. favorite instead of favourite and center instead of centre.

#6. My parents have never ever bought me a single toy when I was a child. The only toy that I got was a Barbie doll for my twelfth birthday given by my mom's best friend after she found out in horror that I had none. So that explains why my children have more toys than they can play with.

#7. However, I do have countless of books! I read voraciously. I have an impressive collection of Enid Blyton's hardcover books. Similar to my children, I buy more books than I can read them. The car boot sales in the UK would be my favorite hunting ground for cheap used books which I brought back to Malaysia by the cartons. Ick... now I sound like a geek.

#8. I am a garang mom. Zareef knows this and proudly announces it to the world whenever he can. However, when I indulge them, it'll be quite over the top.

#9. I am an adventurous eater. Whatever that's halal and can be eaten, I will try. A good candidate for TARA, no?

#10. I once had an ambition of being a pilot for the national airline but was quashed when I read one of the stipulated terms. "Hanya calon lelaki sahaja dibenarkan memohon". Piiiiirahh! Ingat pompuan tak leh jadi good pilots ke? Just look at A*rAsia. They do have female pilots.

#11. I am always inclined to do adventurous and extreme stuff. Anything that gets my adrenaline pumping will just do it to me. To date, I've done white water rafting at Ocoee River in Tennessee; parasailing at Sapi Island; naik rollercoasters tu toksah cakap la kan, wouldn't miss it for the world and I absolutely loved my Outward Bound School experience. Memang best although masa mula2 tu sangat lah menyampah. The next big thing that I really want to do is bungee jumping. Hmmm... bila agaknya boleh buat ye?

#12. When I am very, very, very tired, I'll snore. The closest eyewitness would be Zareef, of course. He'll complaint the very next morning "Eeee... Zareef semalam takleh tido la. Mummy and Daddy tido snoring kuat sangat. Satu rumah bergegar!". Amboiii... pandainye mengomel. He was so indignant about it that when the ad for a strip that you put on your nose called 'Breathe Right' came out on the television, he asked me to buy it for myself and his daddy so that "Zareef can sleep peacefully". Sabar je la budak nih.

#13. I am a speed demon when it comes to driving. However, I'm proud to say that I've never been summoned by the traffic police nor the highway patrols, InsyaAllah. Must be my luck, eh? My aspiration of being a racer has never quite disappear teehee...

#14. I HATE open fire burning. I hated it so much that I've put out several grass and debris fires in my neighborhood by hosing them down. My next door neighbor was my recent victim. His contractor had the cheek to burn construction leftovers right at my backyard. I was fuming mad.

I went and asked them nicely to put out the fire but it wasn't heeded. I waited for ten minutes before asking them again. Still buat tak paham. I then asked whether they were going to put it out or not, still depa buat tak paham jugak. Aku geram, aku bukak air, tarik hose and pancut kat api tuh sampai padam. Then after 30 minutes or so, I heard fire crackling at my backyard. Laaa... bakar lagi! I was beyond control by then. Bukak air, pancut lagi skali sampai padam. This time, aku siap bagi warning kat depa. Kalau bakar lagi aku panggil Jabatan Alam Sekitar. Don't play play with me.

#15. Although I'll be 33 this year, I still love watching young people's show like The O.C., Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, 90210 and Roswell. I even bought their dvd box sets. My heart melts when I hear NKOTB, N'Sync, BSB, 98 Degrees, Take That and Westlife's songs. Sighhh... my heart refuses to grow old.

#16. Finally! I am a daring, forward and steadfast person. If I want something, I'll go for it no matter what the consequences shall be. This is especially true when it comes to guys I like. Just ask some of them (hehehe... if you know who they are la). I'm not ashame to admit that I flirted with B first and went after him till he became my husband hihi. Nak tau cerita? Tunggu anniversary nanti ye. I will reveal...

So there. I've bare it all (baru la betul nak pakai the word 'bare'). I'm not tagging anyone but if you feel like doing it, please let me know ya. I'll be sure to drop by.

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