Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I got an email and text message with a listing of brands that support Israel's mission in wiping clean Gaza. The context of the messages was the same; boycott these companies' products because for every sen that you spend will be used to buy a bullet to shoot down innocent Palestinian children.

This boycotting campaign has been going on for quite sometime even from my days in Loughborough. You can forget about my student days in the States. I was young, foolish and totally ignorant of all things related to world peace and economy. All I ever cared for was having a jolly good time there and at the end of the week to spend my moolahs at Tippecanoe Mall or Michigan City even. Kalau rajin sikit, terus shoot off to Chicago's Michigan Avenue.

The real eye opener was when I went out during one weekend to Leicester. I was just about to enter M&S when an Arab lady grabbed my hand and pulled me to one side. Terkejut aku ok! Thought she wanted to mug me. She started with a salam and practically shoved into my hands leaflets upon leaflets of information and pictures depicting bloodied and mutilated bodies of Palestinian children. She said that M&S is one of the biggest donors for these killing sprees. Everyday, they would set aside a portion of the day's profits for that particular cause. But the big killing would be on Saturdays when 100% of their profits goes towards Palestine's bloodbath.

So, from that day onwards, I have NEVER set foot into M&S nor have I ever bought any of their products either over there or over here.

Another store that I've not been to in a very long time is T*sco. Yes people, this store that has been so popular with Malaysians since it made its presence here a few years ago is also a strong advocate of the Zionist's onslaught of the Palestinians. It was founded by a J*w and it will forever stay as a J*wish company. Why do you think their slogan is "Every little helps"? Go figure...

To me, baiklah aku kayakan Cina Hongkong a.k.a G*ant than spend my money at a J*wish store.

I don't know about you, but for me, if I can't go to war myself, then I'll support them Palestinians my own way; I stop buying things from their biggest nemesis yang mana aku mampu. Yes, the key word here is mana yg termampu.

From the recent list that I got, Kotex and Huggies is included. Righttt.... Huggies, I can easily switch that to Mami Poko (I've tried Pampers. It didn't go well with Zara). It will cost more but heck, whatever I can do to save the innocent children of Gaza right?! As for Kotex, hmmm... ada sikit masalah di sini. I've tried so mana brands since I came into age and ONLY Kotex agrees with me. Kalau brand lain, alamat... melecet la aku.

Disney? Pun masalah jugak as my children watch them every single waking hour although Zareef has now graduated to watching Cartoon Network.

McD? Doable on my part but there will be lots of explaining to do to Master Zareef though. But he's still young so I don't think it'll hurt him too much.

Nestle... this brand is also causing me grief. I've been drinking Milo since forever and I just can't find another alternative that tastes the same or even better. I even had it imported by the kilos by mom and dad for the four years that we stayed in Loughborough. Teruk ke tak tu? And how about our favorite maggi?? Alahaiii...

Tapi, mana yang mampu la kan. The ones that can be avoided, I'll avoid it like the plague. The ones that can't, iskk... mintak ampun banyak2. The ones yang dah beli and ada stock banyak kat rumah, kena la habiskan. Nak buat camna pulak, takkan nak buang je. Membazir la pulak. Bukan ke membazir itu kawan syaitan?? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Here's the list for your perusal in case you haven't receive it yet.


So people, the decision is in your hands. If you find yourself crying everytime you see dead bodies that's well below 3 feet in height, then please do. If you don't, then your heart must be made of one hell of a steel. Oh well... each to its own I say and whatever rocks your boat.


Aeon said...

And I thought I was the only one importing Milo by the kilos. No drink comes close to Milo. Milo rawkkss!


Let's all say it out loud... 'Milo rocks!!'

My stock is depleting fast and I'm still trying all kinds of drinks out there that taste similar to Milo but so far, it's all in vain.

Camna nih??

KS said...

kak noresh,

smalam kami berdating di sunway. punya la tatau nak makan kat mana. tgk list of restaurants semuanya US and Jew related. Last2 makan kat tarbush! Payah btol skang ni. But luckily aiman ok tak makan mcd. Apparently the babysitter dah cakap dengan dia tak boleh makan kat those places sebab diorang jahat. heheheh.. So now kalau tanya dia nak makan mcd ke tak, dia mesti cakap taknak sebab orang jahat bunuh budak.

from the list yg akak bagi tu, i'm ok with almost everything except for huggies and like u, kotex.


KS: laaa.. kitorang pun hari pi makan kat tarbush jugak after dok telek list of places to eat. another good place to go there is Ole-Ole Bali. Sedap! Especially their Lemograss Mojito heheh. My fav.

So far, Zareef is okay with not eating McD. Selepas di explain and shown pictures of children dying in the newspaper, he gets it. Siap cakap, "Mummy, lets go shoot the bad people. Jahat la dorang bunuh budak kecik".

I've just bought Ovaltine to replace Milo. Alahaiii... sungguh la tak sedap. I'm trying Vico after this. Stress betul la camni!