Friday, February 06, 2009

I Think I Have Been Conned...

by a beggar, no less!

Argghhhh!! I can be so gullible sometimes.

I was at the till of a pharmacy to pay for the toiletries that I bought when a deep rough voice gave salam from behind.

Beggar: Assalamualaikum!

Me: Waalaikumussalam...

Beggar: Nak... tolong pakcik ye. Dah 2 hari pakcik dua beranak tak makan. Mintak la anak sedekah sikit duit kat pakcik untuk beli makanan.

Me: Huhh?? (Biar benar pakcik nih... betul ke ni?)

Beggar: Betul Nak... (upon seeing my disgruntled face) tolong la pakcik.

Me: Anak pakcik kat mana?

Beggar: Ada kat kedai makan kat luar.

Me: Kedai yang mana?

Beggar: Kedai mamak kat hujung sana (while pointing to an obscure direction).

Right... I was torned at this juncture. I didn't want to give him because my gut feelings told me that this old man was lying but my heart felt really sorry for him because he was so thin, haggard and dressed in old rags. What about his child? What if there really was a hungry child? My conscience will not allow me to let anyone go hungry, if I can help it.

And so, I dug into my bag for a small change. I gave him RM 7; RM 3.50 each. Just enough for both of them to get a decent meal. He thanked me and took off.

After I've finished paying for my stuff at the counter, I went out of the pharmacy only to find him standing outside for God knows who. His anak, maybe? But what I saw made me really angry.

His back pocket was unzipped and I saw bundles of money!!! Blardy hell!! Bukan sikit tau. BANYAK!!! I was so fcuking mad because 1) He managed to con me. 2) I was susceptible enough to fall into his prey. Cisss!...

I confronted him and gave him my peace.

"Pakcik! Kata takde duit nak makan. Tuh yg bergumpal-gumpal dok dalam poket tu apa? Bukan duit namanya?? Kenapa pakcik tipu? Tau tak duit yang pakcik dapat dari menipu orang tu boleh jadi haram??!!"

Ambik ko! Geram betul aku. Tua tak tua. Kalau dah menipu tuh, memang la aku hangin satu badan.

But now that I've cooled down and gave the scene a deep thought, I think I'll just halalkan the money that I gave him. I'm giving him benefit of the doubt. You know why? Because if I don't, I'll have to wait for him to come to me in the afterworld begging for my forgiveness before I can make my way to heaven (Aminnn) which might take a very long time.

So, tu la cerita aku kena tipu. By the way, this happened at Glomac Business Center which is behind Kelana Jaya's Giant. If you happen to chance upon this fella, just be wary ya.


floweRinthedesert said...

berani nye u confront the guy like that. Dia tak respon la plak? terkedu gamak nye. sigh...macam2, these days i run away from these people, nak sedekah bayar zakat je la. ;)


i kesian. i wasn't thinking about him at that time. i was thinking about his so called child that was starving. that's why i gave the money to him.

but now i know better la. baik la i bagi ayam goreng berempah harga rm 3 kat kucing kelaparan dpd org yg menipu cam ni. at least the cat appreciated me more hehehhe...

ms ngantuk said...

did this happen b4 u hantar kek i?
btw yes u are so berani to confront him there n then. ntahle now ppl just wanna take the easy way out in life. tak pikir after-life.


nope, it happened the day before.

i don't think being brave had anything to do with the confrontation. i was more angry than anything else for being lied at. so that gave me the courage to confront him. i wasn't thinking of any consequnces at all.

come to think of it, alhamdulillah he didn't go amok on me. kalau tak.... tak tau lah. hmmm...

Along said...

I usually find these kind of people at pasar ramadhan. Biasa la, konon bulan baik, ramai la yg bersedekah...kira ambik peluang ah nak murah rezeki. Yg geram/kesian, mana yg bawak anak2 kecil tu. What I do, instead of giving money, is I buy some food and give to the begger. At least I know that way, they get something to eat and nothing can go to the "syndicate".

ps: Kalau aku jadi ko pun, aku pun naik baran. Silap2, aku tuntut balik duit tu...hahahah...lagi parah!


next time i'll do like you did - belikan food instead of bagi duit.

i actually wanted to ask for my money back tapi perasaan kesian tu still ada so i let it be. aku niat je la nak sedekah which was my first intention pun...