Saturday, December 04, 2004

I Love...

I love.....

1. kissing and 'gomoling' Zareef.
2. kissing B.
3. the smell of rain.
4. to see old couples holding hands when walking.
6. reading blogs.
7. watching Zareef when he's fast asleep.
8. eating Japanese food.
9. my Murakami Speedy 30 bag.
10. talking and catching up on things with B.
11. the smell of fresh cut grass.
12. getting snail mails.
13. the touch of Zareef's baby soft skin.
14. daydreaming.
15. going on holidays
16. facial treatments.
17. surprising people when they're the least surprised.
18. my alma maters - SSP and Purdue.
19. getting to know B's unknown quirkiness as the years go by.
20. eating out.
21. to chill out with close friends.
22. to try new acquired tastes.
23. adrenaline rushes.
24. setting my foot on foreign land.
25. the smell of B's Acqua di Gio.

I can go on and on and on... but I'll stop here for now.


My cousin's daughter is taking up medicine in Moscow and she's only into her first year. Last night, she YM'ed me asking the definition of wave propagation. Heck... I know what it is at the top of my head but trying to put it in layman's terms for a freshy to really comprehend is just not in my expertise (that's why I make a lousy teacher). So what does a net freak like me do when I need to know something immediately? You betcha! I googled up 'Wave Propagation'. Voila!! Hundreds return my desperate cry for help but one truly did a good job in making it crystal clear complete with diagrams and what not. Thank God for the Superhighway and Thank God that she had me for her ever reachable techy aunt (hihihii... kes masuk lif tekan butang).

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