Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Attack of the Chicken Pox

Zareef was diagnosed with chicken pox by his mommy and daddy 2 days ago. It started out with tiny red dots but now is growing plentifold. He's itchy and keeps on scratching at his poxes. How do I say to a 2-year old not to scratch coz if he does, he'll be scarred for life?? Kesian little kiddo nih... one whole body is covered but still managed to pose for the camera.

I've given him Calpol for his high temperature (dia demam sekali), calomine lotion for his poxes and Piriton to help ease the itchiness. He's weak and feeling very floppy, miserable, whingeing, clingy and whinny, the works. What else can I do to ease his suffering, anyone?

Luckily both of us are immune as we've already gotten the miserable chicken pox when we were in our teens. Now, our house it out of bounds to everyone and I'm quarantining him until this ordeal is over.


Along said...
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Along said...

Alahai, kesiannya Zareef. Senang balut je tangan dia Noresh, macam ala boxer gitu. Calomine lotion is the only thing that can help with the itchiness, so slap it on lots and lots. Try distrating his attention from the itchiness with his favorite VCD or other activities.

I dread the day Dania and Dina get chicken pox. Argh...habis ler aku nanti.

Larawannabe said...

oh nooooo... kesian zareef.

noresh said...

No way he's gonna get his hands balut la Long... He'll scream bloody murder for the whole neighborhood to hear. I'll do what u suggested... slap loads of calomine lotion but he'll go all wriggly sebab dia cakap cream tu sejuk

Yes Lara... kesian kat zareef. Malam2 tak leh nak tido pasal kegatalan and kedemaman (betul ka?). it's all over the body sampai ke bontot and balls pun ada. last two nights both of us could only sleep for an hour. adooiii... tak larat sungguh

mama farizal said...

Oh No!!! Kesiannya Zareef. Oso kesian kat kau ngan Bard!