Thursday, January 20, 2005

Big and Small Boys Toys

B is passionate, no let me rephrase that, is stir crazy when it comes to cars. The big ones, the small ones, the real ones and the collectible ones. And now, the trait has proudly been passed to the next generation, his son.

B would buy for his little boy all kinds of cars almost everytime we go out. Most of it were bought at the carboot for mere pennies. Zareef would line them up bumper to bumper like the traffic jam or side by side like in the parking lot. Sometimes I would find Zareef lying on the floor and roll the cars about while talking to himself.

"Ni car parking."

"Ni car Mummy" (that'll be my miniature Porsche Cayenne)

"Ni car Daddy" (B's would be a yellow Evo)

"Daddy drive car then BUSSSSHHH" (Zareef's version of two cars colliding into each other)

"Nak tido with car Jaguar" (Zareef even bring his cars to sleep with him at night. That's how passionate he is with cars).

Mind you, Zareef can name cars when we go for a drive. He'll be naming Jaguars, Mercs, Beemers etc. but he can recognize a Merc a mile away. Must be the 'tiga bintang' logo that he's so familiar with.

Did I tell you the story about the first time that B bought his first RC? Of all the places, he found his first love (sadly I've taken second pole position when it comes to cars) at a car boot last year. It was a Nikko 1:15 battery operated 27 MHz Mitsubishi Evolution VII. The man who sold the car had only played it once indoors and wasn't keen on it. So he sold the brand spanking new car for 60 quids. B came home bearing his RC, all giggly and wuzzy, like a child who have just gotten his first Action Man.

Ever since then, every spare minute was spent caressing, tweaking and transfiguring his new car. I was given the chance to test the car at the university car park. That was before I crashed it into a bush and nearly gave B a coronary attack. Thereafter, it was off limits to me.

Later, after lamenting how slow his car was and how everyone else in the RC group played with nitro powered cars and he even come up with the reason 'nanti kita boleh main and race sama2' he bought a nitro RC off eBay. At first I thought the car uses petrol like normal car does but no.... it had to be a special one bought at the RC shop. Haiyaaa... banyak betul cekadak. Sometimes I do grumble and mumble, but most of the time I just give in and let him have fun. Truth to be told, I do enjoy playing the RC which is why the battery operated Evo is now mine. Hehehhe...

B has not played his RC for months now. It's well kept in a box in the study room and quite forgotten. But come summer, B and his gang would be bringing out their beaus and ram their hearts out at the university's car park. Me?? I'll be watching from the sidelines with Zareef, not interfering with the overgrown boys and their toys.


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