Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Is the first always the best?

I have had plentiful of firsts in life. First love, first job, first apartment, first car, first toy, first lust, first sex, first shoe, first vacation, first bag, first suit and first blog. The question now that I've always wondered and pondered upon is... Is the first always the best?

Let's see... my first love come at a very young age. I was seven. Haaa... I can see everyone's disbelief faces. He was my classmate. At seven, it was love at first sight. Ala-ala citer My Girl gitu except that neither him nor I die from bee stings. I didn't tell him and him me for six years. When we went to our respective boarding schools and came back for school holidays did we discover our feelings for each other. What I thought was a simple crush became a relationship. It lasted for 4 years before I found out from his friends that he was cheating on me with another girl. Well, that answers the long and dry season of missing letters and phone calls. Bah Humbug!

My first job was as a housekeeper at The Union Hotel. I needed extra money for my lavish spendings and the obligatory end of semester road trips. The job?? Clean up hotel rooms after the guests have left. It was a hard work for me considering that I seldom tidy up my bed or clean the bathroom or vacuum the floor. The supervisor taught me the art of putting up clean sheets and folding them at their corners before tucking neatly under the mattress. Thank God for that for to this very day, it became a habit which I'm rather proud of.

My first apartment was on Ross Ade Drive, just a stone's throw away from the Ross Ade Stadium. It was an on-campus studio apartment which I would have dearly loved except for the roomie that comes with it. She was decent apart from her weird habits which were listening to loud deafening punk music as a lullaby, lighting up funny smelling incense that blocks my nose up to the nines and her sleeping partner grinding away in the wee hours of the night waking me up from lala land.

My first car... hmmm... I don't own a car, yet. But the first car that I drove was my dad's Nissan Sunny 130Y. Despite it being old, it did its fair share of ferrying me around all over Peninsular Malaysia. The first time I drove it was right after passing my driving test. My dad put me straight to the test of driving from Klang to Batu Pahat. Man! That was a first and was I excited. It felt great putting my foot down on the accelerator and felt the car pushing itself to its limits under my control.

There are too many firsts that I want to write but with Zareef sleeping on my lap, I'll just stop. Period.

But the question still and will remain... is the first always the best? To my best recollection, some of it were and some of it weren't. Some are best forgotten and shoved into the deepest, darkest closet available while some I find it worthwhile putting on display for the rest of the world to see. Some are best shared with family and closest friends when some are ideal as arsenals for the worst of enemies. For me, one of it kept making an appearance in my dreams at least once a week. Hmm... kenapa ekk??


Along said...

I'm the first child in the family, and I'm definately the best!! (Lawak)

My current hubby is my first and for now he's still the best!! (Double Lawak)

My Proton Wira 1.6 is the fisrt car I've own and for a proton, it's probably the best out there.

**psstt..I hope it's listening. They say cars can sense when you're mad at them and when you love them. Sebut je nak jual ke apa, terus dia buat ragam. WHR ****, I LOVE YOU!!!!

ps: Sapa org yg ko dok mimpikan tu? Ada ala2 mimpi lawak bodo aku tak?

noresh said...

aku mimpi sapa?? kadang2 si Z tu termasuk pulak dlm mimpi aku. selalu pulak tu. aku pun tak tau apsal. maybe takde closure kot masa kitorang breakup dulu. tapi mimpi aku takde la complicated heavy duty macam ko punye sampai tergeliat leher dibuatnye.