Thursday, January 13, 2005


I am blessed with many, many friends. So many that sometimes I forget about them or rather they me. The chronicles of my friends ranged from as early as kindergarten right up till the present. If I were to list them down, which I actually did when I got wed, would come up to the hundreds.

When I first landed my feet in Loughborough, I was so bored, I almost died. I had jetlag. I was 5 and half months pregnant. I had no friends. All forms of communication ceased to exist within the first two weeks of our arrival. I had no phone, internet nor TV and it drove me mad. I was damn lonely. When B had to drag his sorry ass to the campus to start his Phd life, I would cry and cry and bawl my eyes out. Maybe it was the intolerable loneliness that swept me. Maybe it was the unstable hormones raging inside me. Or maybe, I just missed my family and great friends back home.

To me, friends are everything. They make me laugh. They make me cry. They make me do the right honorable thing but they sometimes make me do the wildest unimaginable. They become the essence of my livelihood. Sometimes, they even replace the brothers I've already had and the sisters I've never had. They become the shoulders I cry on. They are the pillars of my strength.

When I was in SSP for five solid years, my friends were my family. We studied, prayed, ate, sleep, played, pranked and partied together. I shamefully admit that during this period, family came in second after my friends. Don't get me wrong. I love my parents and brothers dearly but I couldn't possible tell them about certain things like why I LOOOOVE Chad Allen so much or why my pet sis was acting strangely towards me or even my strange liking towards nasi kawah and ayam karbon. It's just that spending 24-7 of 5 years of my crucial adolescent teenage life made me closer to them than my family.

Then it was on to college life starting with the preparation course by T*L*K*M (where I met and fell in love with B which is another whole story that I will blog on later), then MSM Cheras, proceeded to Sunway College, continued fresh at PPP/ITM and ended with Purdue. Gosh! Now it's starting to dawn on me how long it was for me to complete my tertiary education. Actually it was. 6 fcuking long years but I've never regretted it one bit because along the way, I managed to amass two different styles of education, a boyfriend who later became my lifelong partner, rekindle and strengthen parents-daughter relationship, one huuuuuge debt, precious moments, invaluable experiences, painful wake-up call and perennial friendships.

Now that I'm here, away from it all, I've had the pleasure of meeting new friends and establishing a second family from it. Through the discovery of blogs, I've even made firm friends who reads through my mumbo jumbos and yet still accept me for who I am eventhough we've never met face to face.

To all my friends out there, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for enriching my life with your exquisite and warm personalities, encouraging words of wisdom, quirky quips, and enchanting stories. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

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Along said...

You're welcome. Hehehehe..

Eh, aku pun termasuk dalam golongan yang ko sebutkan tu kan? Kan?

Aiseh, termalu lak...