Friday, February 25, 2005

Snow Day

Zareef refuses to come inside eventhough his hands are freezing, nose is becoming all red and oompa wompas is coming from his nose.
It has been snowing on and off for the past 3 days here on the Island but the worst hit areas would be the whole eastern stretch of England and Scotland. About 100+ schools were closed due to heavy snow. Hehehheh... lucky kids! I had to scrape of the bloody snow off the windscreen of my car despite B putting a bedsheet on it the night before going to work.
I skidded my car twice on the first day. The ground was covered with fresh soft fluffy snow. It would be fun if I had the time to roll around and flap my hands making angel pictures but no such thing. I was already late. Fresh snow and icy road is a recipe for disaster when it comes to driving. I wasn't going fast at all but my tyres won't grip hence the skidding incidents. Once when I was turning a corner and I almost ran into a friend's car but missed it by mere inches.
The other one was when I tried to reverse park. When I turned, the tyres skidded again and I almost knocked into a parked car. I press the brakes with all my might, praying that I don't hit the car. God answered my prayers and my car again stopped just in time. Phewwww.... very, very close calls there.
And to top if off, I was deducted 15 minutes from my paycheck for arriving late eventhough it wasn't my fault. Seriously! It wasn't. How was I suppose to know that it was going to snow heavily when I was sleeping and my car decided to dance on the snow for that matter. It was all nature's fault. Sheessshh... so not fair!
But the snow in Loughborough didn't last long. As soon as the sun came out, everything melted. The temperature wasn't freezing enough. So, my plans to take Zareef for good whizz on the sledge at Beacon Hill didn't materialize. It it did, it would have been a perfect snow day with us having a blast for the last time.


osmansany said...

awww... u might need to change ur tyres for the snowy days ahead. Drive minimally nora. Send my regards to Bard as well. Miss u both. Hugs. Zareef growing fast. Envy u guys.

osmansany said...

eerr... in case u dunno who i am... michael = osman michael mohammad sany .. he he ;)

noresh said...

hehehee... what gives with the new name mr. michael?? turning a new leaf ka??