Tuesday, February 01, 2005

On Smelly Old Fart and Potty Training

Yesterday, while changing Zareef's nappy, he gave one long loud stinky fart.


I laughed. Kuatnya Zareef kentot!

Heheheh... Zareef kentot busuk macam Mummy la...

Halamak!! Terkena balik kat aku. Ceitttt!!!


I haven't started potty training Zareef yet because

1) I'm not sure whether he's up for it, yet.
2) I'm quite lazy to tend and assist him in his ardous task.
3) My rented house is wall-to-wall carpeted hence the reluctant attitude in me on the idea if he were to accidentally spill his guts or kidney out.

So, it came as a surprise to both of us, yesterday when

Zareef nak go upstairs kejap ek. Nak kencing.

I looked at B and him me in disbelief.

Betul ke Zareef?

Haaa! Zareef nak kencing. And he started to take off his PJs and undoing his nappy.

Wait! Wait! Lets go upstairs kay.

We went upstairs and he truly peed in the toilet bowl.

Nak flush jap Mummy

Wait. Mummy wash first your k**e.

Ok. Lepas tu Zareef flush, alright?!


I am so proud of my son. I didn't even teach him how to pee in the toilet bowl and yet he can do it without even a blink! And he did it twice!! Phewwww... Lega. One milestone has been conquered. Now, if only I can get him to poo in the toilet bowl as well.


azrin said...

apa k**e tuu? =))

Along said...

wah..bagus betul. Dania fully trained pun dah masuk 2 tahun lebih..cuma malam still aku pakaikan pampers, just in case. Tapi selalunya bangun pagi, kering je pampers dia.

Bebudak ni banyak belaljar from imitation. Therefore, kalau nak dia cepat pandai, everytime you and B nak pi toilet, make announcement. heheheheh...it kind of worked for me.