Friday, March 18, 2005

I-ntra U-terine D-evice

I've been contemplating on fitting in an IUD as a contraceptive for quite a while now but I've been procrastinating on it. All this while I've been sticking to rubber but now it's getting to be quite tiresome; you know the foreplay part, then getting the packet, tearing it, slipping it on and then only you get to the juicy stuffs. With the IUD fitted it, it's a direct wham-bam-thank you mam.

So yesterday, after months of dilly-dally, B drove me to the Family Planning Clinic in Coalville so that I could be fitted with one. It was a walk-in service, so when I arrived, there were quite a number of people waiting to be seen.

I reported myself to the receptionist and was given a form to be filled in. I did as was told and then seated myself at the waiting area. I wasn't feeling scared or anxious. In fact, I didn't felt anything. All that while, Zareef was busy running around having the time of his life with B close on his tail.

A male doctor called out my name. I was like 'Oh man!! Dapat laki pulak'. Oh what the heck... they are supposed to be the best in their field. It's just that I'd be more comfortable with a female doctor. So in I went.

He asked a few background questions and what is it that I want. After telling him that I wanted to be fitted with an IUD, he went on explaining what IUD is, the effects and the procedures that he'll be performing. But what he didn't tell me was the pain that I had to go through to have it fitted inside me.

And boy did it hurt. A LOT!! I cried out loud when the doc inserted an instrument to measure the depth of my womb. It went in all the way from the vagina right into the womb. The pain that I felt was one like the birth contractions. Then the second pain came when he inserted the IUD itself. He said 'I'm sorry for having to hurt you but I have to. It'll only be for a few seconds. Hold on kay!'. You betcha!! I was holding on to dear life! And then it was done. He even said 'Well done! You were very brave. You did great!' Cehhhh... macam la aku ni budak umor 3 tahun.

The procedure was done in lest than 2 minutes but I was in great pain especially in the lower abdomen area where the womb is. Doc was reassuring me that the pain 'will not last long'. 'Just for a few hours' he said. 'A couple of paracetamols will make it go away'. A few hours my ass!!

4 paracetamols and the whole night and day later, I'm still in pain except now it's just a dull throbbing compared to the birth contractions that I felt last night. I was moaning and groaning and writhing on the bed unable to do anything except curl myself up in a tight ball willing the pain to go away. I didn't remember when or how I slept except to be awoken by the sound of my alarm clock. Time to go to work but I couldn't because I was still in pain so I called and left a message saying that I'm taking emergency leave instead of calling in sick because I've run out of sick leaves.

When I was in great pain last night, I told B that if I knew that the pain would be this great, I wouldn't have opted for IUD. I'd have just stuck to the old rubber but nak cepat punya pasal... Sekarang sendiri mahu tanggung. All B could do was just rubbed my back and gave me words of comfort.

Before deciding with IUD, I did do some research on it. I even asked around some friends who had it done. They said it was a simple procedure and didn't hurt one bit except when the doc inserted the coil into the womb. Plus it will last for 5 years and if I ever decide to get pregnant within the 5 years, then it's easily taken out by pulling at a string located at the end of the IUD. I didn't want to take any pills (I did for a year but I didn't like it because the hormones in pill tend to clash with my hormones leaving me a mess for the first few months) nor did I want any injections or implants (they still deal with hormones administrated into the body). So after hearing so many good words about the IUD, I decided to go for one.

Well, now that I've done it, I think it'll be a very long, long time before I go for it again. If I ever decide to have it fitted in again, I'll ask for a local anaesthetic or douse myself with enough painkillers to numb my senses beforehand.


On a brighter note, Boots is having an offer on Pampers nappies. Instead of the usual 2 for £16 on all economy packs, they're offering 2 for £13.50 and you can mix it. So what did I do?? I bought 4 packs. They ran out of the Baby Dry, so I bought 3 packs of Active Fit and 1 Easy Up. Since I spent more than £25 on baby stuffs, I got a 500 points bonus on my Boots card. Hehehhehe... more for me to redeem it on Osh Kosh. I have 1000 points now and I'm eyeing the OKBG jeans and t-shirt to go with it.

So mummies in UK... go to your nearest Boots and borong segala Pampers yg ada kat situ. HEhehehe... macam buat iklan free pulak utk Boots. Takpe... nak dapat points punye pasal...


Starting from next week, I'll be on a very long holiday. It'll be Easter then plus I took extra leave up till 1 April just to finish off my leave balance before the new financial year starts. Hmmm... it'll be 10 long fulfilling days of leave. What shall I do?? Let me list it down.

1. Start packing up our stuffs to bring home. But if I pack them now into boxes, where shall I put them? Rumah dah la sekangkang kera. If I put them in the hall, then there'll be no space left for us to sit and breathe.

2. A week from today will be our 4th wedding anniversary (Lagi sekali ye. Hari tu was according to Hijrah years. This time ikut Gregorian calendar pulak). I've already found a friend who is willing to babysit Zareef. So I'm going to leave him with her and her kids and that'll leave us free for a movice date. Yeay!!! It's been approximately 3 years since I last stepped foot into the cinema. It doesn't matter what movie we watch as long as we have an alone time just the two of us to rekindle our love and say and do mushy stuffs without any interruptions. Then it's off for a dinner at La Tasca. Yeap... I've been itching to try that restaurant eversince Rini and Jue has been gushing on and on about their delicious food.

3. On Saturday, I'm going to Milton Keynes with a friend to a Noritake factory shop. Yeah baby!! Tanduk sudah tumbuh... I can see B rolling his eyes now. Don't worry Aling... I'll only buy the cheap ones... if there's any la. Then we'll go jalan2 around the town center. Lepas tu balik.

4. Hmmm... I'm wondering if I can convince B to go to Manchester. First, I've been dying to go to Jati since last year. Secondly, dah lama tak jalan2 kat Trafford Centre. Thirdly, teringin pulak nak visit Rini sefamily. Amacam Rini?? Boleh datang rumah tak???

Well... that's it. Now I'm going to see what is Zareef up to in the garden. Senyap je... mesti ada la tu dia tengah berproject. Have a good weekend people!


Along said...

Noresh, seriously..I think u need to come back home. I put in the IUD and it didn;t hurt a bit. The best I can describe it is feeling pressure down there. Right after the procedure, I was out and about shopping at Ikea.

Did you have your period when you went to have your IUD fitted in? Coz you're supposed to do it during that time, so it's easier to put it. Lubricant le kot.

But seriously, it's not suppose to hurt.

cherrytomatoes said...

Bought loads of Pampers dekat Asda ( stock up ) sebab skang dekat Asda tengah murah for Pampers. 72 pieces, saiz 5+ Junior for only 9.96 quid.


cherrytomatoes said...

74 pieces actually, sorry silap tengok !


noresh said...

along... what i experienced was nothing like others felt. maybe coz i went right after finishing my period but that what was the doc instructed. maybe over here they do things differently from home. anyway, i'm feeling a lot more better. in fact, dah main badminton pun tadi.

rini.. was strolling in town and went into boots to oggle on OKBG. sekali pusing2 tengok Pampers tengah murah giler. so stock up la plus aku tengah aim nak kumpul points byk2 nak beli osh kosh.. hehehhe...

nong@kween said...

Ko nya experience lagi membuatkan aku takut nak insert IUD. I had enough poking left, right and center when I gave birth to Kenit ( I was in pain for 48 hrs, and the midwive had to check for dilation every 3 hrs, so go figure). Aiyoohh.. I can feel your pain wehh!!!

marsheque said...


You just scared the shite out of me!! Heheh, no way am I gonna go get that thing now.. heheheh i'll stick to mr rubber i s'pose, eventho it can be quite a bore.. huhuhu phobia!!


dillafahim said...

erkk.. ngilunye.. sakitnye.. isk.. takutnye... erk..

rasa2nya macam MC lah jugak kot.. stick to rubber jelah..(walaupon x best.. isk!!)

noresh said...

aiyooo people... i'm so sorry if i scared the shite out of you people(pinjam kata2 MC). didn't mean to at all... really. what i wrote was based purely on my experience. tiada kaitan antara yg hidup ataupun mati. for me it did hurt badly but for another friend (along) it didn't hurt at all (u can refer to her comments). so... lain org lain la rasanye.

i think the main thing that made me hurt badly was because i had it done right at the end of my period (it's the way here) whereas in m'sia it's done while u're in the middle of the heavy flow. that way, your womb is dilated hence the easy insertion and well lubricated as well kot.

but pleaseee... don't let my experience put you guys off... have a deep talk with your ob-gyn. they'll give better advise than i do.

doubleaye said...
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mama farizal said...

Uhhh... memang phobia ngan apa-apa yg nak kena insert ke 'dalam'!!!

Uhh.. beli 25pd dpt 500points! Banyak weh.. and dengan 1000 dh buleh redeem OKBG! Giler best!!!

Aku pon x penah jejak cinema since aku ada si Fraser ;)

kaezrin said...


when i get mine inserted i dun feel a thing pun...tiba2 dah siap..seriously...and not even time period pun..i did double thinglike 2 in 1 my smear with IUD at one dr kata sekali jalan ajer...


btw maybe the way it was done kot..ker camna???

deena said...

Terjumpa ur blog semasa merayau-rayau di alam cyber. Salam perkenalan...Terbaca pulak pasal u nak shopping Noritake. Boleh cerite sikit? Factory tu bukak saturday je ke? And if you don't mind..address nya. Tq in advance. Btw, i'm in scotland.

noresh said...

hie deena. thanx for dropping by. actually i tak jadi pegi factory noritake tu coz after calling them, they don't have a factory shop like some potteries do. i ended looking for them in Boundary Mill (they have lots of outlets in the UK but i'm not sure if they have it in scotland or not). try going to their website ( for their retailers that are near u. my best bet would be finding them at any Boundary Mill outlet.