Monday, March 14, 2005

I'm A-Okay

I know, I know... I've not been updating for quite some time. Firstly, I was not in the right state of mind to do so (I was pissed at someone). Secondly, after the pissed period was over, kemalasan maha dewa telah melanda so I just did blog hopping for a while instead of furnishing my abode with posts worth writing.

To my friends who have enquired, I'm okay now. Thank you so much for your concern. It touches me right to the core to know that I have friends who really, really care and willing to help me even without ever know what's going on.

I'm too lazy to ponder or write anything that requires mind-boggling thoughts, so I'm just gonna update on what I've been up to for the past two weeks or so.

1) B has been terribly busy and will continue to be in that state until the day he submits his thesis. He plans to submit it sometime mid-April, hence now he's sticking his nose to the grind only coming back from the office around 8 pm or so for dinner, rest and sleep. Can't do his work at home because most of his stuffs are too big to lug home plus there's the Zareef factor. Being a daddy's boy, he'll be hanging on to B for dear life from the moment B stepped into the house till Zareef closes his eyes to sleep. That's how attached Zareef is to B.

2) For Mother's Day, B and Zareef wished me well and the best gift came when B said "Tak payah masak la hari nih. It's Mother's Day. We'll eat out". Wahhhh... music to my ears!! And to top it off, he even washed the dishes, hovered the whole house, cooked pizza for lunch and folded the laundry. My oh my!! Don't I have the best hubby or what?!! We had lamb briyani, chicken tikka masala and 2 mango lassies (Zareef telah menghabiskan satu setengah cawan besar!) at a cosy restaurand called Zaytoun in Leicester. Very yummylicious I must say. Ahhhh... it's great to be treated like a queen even if it's just for a day.

3) Of late, Zareef's nose has been bleeding especially when he's sleeping. He'll start to rub his nose, then coughed and cry for help. Luckily the bleed only lasted for a minute or two. Any remedies for this, anyone??

4) We went to a friend's daughter's 3rd birthday party yesterday. Pijat made grilled chicken Nando's style (she used the Nando's marinade) complete with side dishes. I lost count of the number of pisces I had. I just stuffed myself crazy. Why is it that food always tastes better at other people's houses? This happens all the time to Zareef. He'll eat and eat at our friend's houses but when I cooked the same dishes at home, he wouldn't even bat an eye at it. Huhh... sungguh frustrating especially after slaving myself cooking it for nearly two hours.

5) We went to an Italian Furniture shop on Saturday at Birmingham. Mampu tengok je la. Harga beribu-riban sehhh.... I wanted to see what's the fuss all about because it's been causing a mad wave here in Loughborough. Some of the houses I visited is sure to be furnished with these avantgarde furniture. They didn't buy it new, instead they bid it on eBay. Sanggup tu sewa van and pegi beratus batu to collect it. Some who has extra dough to spare bought them brand spanking new from the shop which costs a bomb! Hmmm... and us??
Nahhhh... too fancy and elaborate for our taste. Maybe when we're older and the kids have grown up and we have extra cash to boot, then we'll consider it but not now. Rumah pun tak beli lagi. Karang dah beli banyak2, balik nanti nak letak mana?

6) Zareef is all psyched up to go to Disneyland Paris. He'll say "Besok Mummy bawak Zareef go to Disneyland kay?!" or "Mummy nak go Disneyland ke?" or even "Jom jalan2 Disneyland, Mummy". We kept saying not yet or in 3 month's time or nanti kita pegi masa Happy Birthday Mummy, alright?! But Zareef being just a kid and all with no sense of time, he'll keep on asking and I'm just happy to accommodate him.

All in all, I'm back to my jolly old self. No more sulking. No more merajuk sessions. So, here's to more happy and brighter posts...


dillafahim said...

kak nora.. saya baru terperasan... u pegi paris 14-18/6 kan?? hah! saya baru aje booking from 18/6-21/6... terjumpe tiket murah easy jet... dan terjumpe hotel murah kat holiday inn disneyland paris... wah!! kalau kebetulan buleh jumpe.. nie pon fahim hari2 tgk brochere disneyland paris ajak pergi... pening.... saya dapat 135pound sorang including flight, hotel dan breakfast..fahim kena bayar tiket flight aje dlm 30pound..tiket masuk disney tak ambik lagi... agak2 ambik kat mane murah?? ke same aje beli kat mana2 pon??

nong@kween said...

Org tua kata, kalau nose bleed maybe sebab badan/kepala dia panas. Tak taulah in yr case coz I think, it's spring overthere kan?, but aku adik beradik selalu nose bleed masa kecik, mak aku akan basahkan kepala we all, and the bleeding will stop.

dona said...

my parents too did it nong's parent's style. Tapi memang kene siram kepala, ubun2 area with lotsa air sejuk. Lepas tu darah stop. I la kene .. adik beradik lain ok je. cesssss

osmansany said...

OMG... i think mickey is gonna speak in french... .. cam my fren gi tokyo.. anak dia cakap " mak mak... kenapa mickey cakap takleh paham ... bahasa tikus ke?" Apesal tak macam TV?

mama farizal said...

Bleeding?? Kesian Zareef. Tak penah consult any doc kat sana ke? Ha.. mcm Nong/Dona mentioned.. letak ais/air sejuk kat ubun2 kepala.

noresh said...

dilla: boleh, boleh jumpa la pasal eurostar nak balik on the 18/6 tu kul 6.30 pm. kalau dilla sampai awal boleh kita janji kat satu tempat and buat mini gathering kat eurodisney. pasal entrance ticket tu, try tengok kat or try

thanx nong, don and lah... will try to sejukkan zareef by doing what you guys recommended tapi kadang2 tu bila kuar jalan2 or zareef active lebih2, mula la bleeding jugak. time tu, mana lak nak carik air curah kat kepala dia... the only solution is to let him eat ice-cream which he absolutely loves!

tak pe aa osman kalau mickey mouse tu cakap french pun. i'll just say bonjour then ambik gambar and say au revoir.