Thursday, March 24, 2005

Of Idiocy, Carelessness and Forgetfulness

I am mad at myself for being such a careless, forgetful idiot! I might as well kick myself in the shin and bang my head against the wall for it.

I left the car keys hanging at the front passenger's door and someone nicked it!!!!


I'm such an idiot!!!!

It happened yesterday when I took Zareef to the park. In my attempts to catch hold of Zareef before he crosses the street towards the park in one hand (he was so excited and couldn't contain himself and was jumping up and down) while holding his bottle of water in the other and trying to lock the car all at the same time; my hands were full and my mind was focused elsewhere, I entirely forgot about the car keys at the door.

I went straight to the park and let Zareef have the time of his life climbing, sliding and running all over the playground.

When we walked back towards the car, a friend called out (I parked in front of his house) saying that a mat salleh came over his house and asked the whereabouts of the owner of the car (which happens to be me) moments ago. My friend informed him that the car belonged to a friend and asked why? The mat salleh just said "I want to see the owner" and went off.

Now, how did I come to the conclusion that my car keys were nicked? Because...

1) It wasn't in any of my pockets be it the jacket or my pants but my mobile and house key were.
2) I scoured the entire park and playground area THRICE!, retraced my steps THRICE! combing every square inch of grass that I stepped and found nothing.
3) I have a history of leaving the car keys at the door.
4) The mat salleh said that he wanted to see the owner of the car.

The fourth reason made me start to think...

1) Why would he want to see the owner?
2) If he wanted to see me, why didn't he wait near the car?
3) If he wanted to see me but couldn't wait for me, why didn't he leave a number with my friend so that I could contact him? (It so happens that the mat salleh lives nearby because my friend recognizes him but doesn't know which house is it)
4) If my friend said that the owner of the car is his friend, why didn't the mat salleh state his reasons of wanting to see me?
5) Why didn't the mat salleh just leave the car keys hanging at the door and save me all the trouble and worries?

With all that swishing in my mind back and forth, B and I made the conclusion that the mat salleh took our car keys from the door when he was passing by for some obvious reason unknown to us. Maybe he was just being a good samaritan by taking the keys to prevent my car from being stolen but if he did that, why oh why didn't he leave a contact number or let my friend know where he's living so that I could get hold of him??

ARGGGHHHHH!!!! I'm so mad at myself for being so careless and forgetful!!!!

ARGGGHHHHH!!!! I'm even madder at that mat salleh for taking my car keys but not leaving any information behind.

Thank God that we have a spare key at home. So B had to walk home from the university, wait for my friend to come and pick him up, take him back to our friend's house to get Zareef and I and drive us home in our car. Isn't that tiresome?! And I thank God that B wasn't mad at me. In fact, he was all calm, cool and collected unlike me who was reduced to a shaken, nerve-wrecked woman. Thank you so much Aling for not being mad at me and thank you also for understanding that your wife is a forgetful, careless old git. All he said was "Dah benda nak jadi, nak buat camna. Just accept and deal with it". Very wisely spoken and I couldn't agree more.

Now, all that we have to do is to make another spare key which will be a problem because the key cannot be duplicated easily at any keymaker. According to my friend who also had to duplicate his key because he broke it, we have to go to the respective dealership, bring along certain documents to verify ownership, have our key sent to Germany and the Germans will send us the duplicate. Oh dear!!! Satu hal la pulak. But I told B, regardless how hassling it may be, we have to have a duplicate key because of old forgetful me.

So now if you'll excuse me, I'll continue to kick myself in the butt pulak and knock my head silly.


dillafahim said...

kak nora.. saya pon sokmo jadi pelupa gitu... baru2 nie sewa kereta dgn europcar.. masa pulangkan lupa tutup lampu depan.. tak ingat langsung.. masa dah pos kunci dlm box baru sedar lampu tak tutup.. hampeh dan tension betul2.. tgk kena bayar extra 21pound..charge bateri agaknye.. hampeh..hampeh.. sbb careless saya yg tak pernah nk berubah.. isk...

sabar ye.. insyaAllah takde apa2 lah tu nanti... kena tawakkal ajelah.. BTW.. esok nak turun loughborough nie.. nk jalan2 rumah member adik, nama dia yanti..husband dia amer.. kenal? pastu ingat nk singgah notts dan leicester... pergi mana2 tak weekend nie??

noresh said...

oh.. kenal la yanti and amer tu. meh aaa dtg rumah. sabtu tak sure lagi nak pegi mana tapi kalau dilla nak datang rumah, meh aa. sunday pagi nak gi car boot je. nanti call la 01509-554234 okay.

dillafahim said...

kak nora.. saya dah ambil no phone akak.. plan nk pi carboot sana esok.. insyaAllah sampai saya call.. buleh ke?? tak menyusah kan ke?? buleh fahim kena zareef.. yeay!ok.. kita jumpe kat sana...bye!!

Along said...

hahaha...takpe, lesson learn.

Bak kata my mom, "nasib baik bontot melekat kat badan, kalau tidak...asyik tertinggal bontot kat rumah."

marsheque said...

huhu, well, at least he only nicked your car keys and not your car!!! huhu choiiii

osmansany said...

kalu takut keta curi.. jadil ler mr bean.. install ensel and lock at the door ;P .. -semey-