Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Now... what shall I do??....

The friend who was supposed to be kind enough to babysit Zareef for our Anniversary date suddenly said that she can't. Oh well, yes I'm a bit disappointed but I'll make some changes. Looks like my plans to watch Hitch in the cinema will not materialize after all plus a romantic twosome dinner will now be a cozy threesome.


I've finally completed collecting tokens for 2-for-1 entry tickets to Alton Towers. It took me almost a week to complete all five tokens. It was almost declared incomplete because idiot me forgot to buy the newspaper on Thursday but luckily my super buys the newspaper religiously everyday. So, I get to nick the last token from her, with her permission of course.

Not only are the tokens valid for Alton Towers, they can also get me into Chessington Park and Thorpe Park as well. And me being the adrenaline junky, plans to go to all three that is if time and money permit.


Out of boredom and necessity, Zareef and I went to town to buy some crucial stuffs, some not so important stuffs and some because it was on sale.

The best part was, Osh Kosh is having a half-price sale at Boots on some of their selected lines only. I got to snatch some good bargains on tops for Zareef. The worst part was most of Zareef's size are gone leaving only some which are either too small or too big. So, what did I do? I bought t-shirt and shirts 2 and 3 years ahead seeing that I won't be here by that time and not forgetting that OKBG in Malaysia is ridiculously and exorbitantly priced.

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