Monday, December 27, 2004


I was up early on boxing day. Yeah! What else if not for shopping that is. While waiting for B to finish showering, I decided to call all my SILs (I have 4 of them) and asked what they'd like. I can be thoughtful you know! One wanted a working Clarks shoes. One was still in Egypt with bro. One wanted a crystal cake stand with a cover and one I couldn't get hold of. Instead it was my eldest brother who answered.

"Yes Nora. What's up?"

"Everything's good. What about you and K. N?

"We're good. I'm very busy now. Did you just call to chit chat?"

"Sort of. Today's Boxing Day and I'm going to shop crazy. Nak pesan apa2?"

"That's okay. Anyway pound is too expensive. I have to cut short la. I'm stormed with news. An earthquake just happened in Sumatra and it caused a tsunami 10m high. Coastal areas of S.E.A are badly affected. I'm sending all my reporters out to scoop news. Penang was badly hit. As of now dah 8 org mati"

"MasyaAllah! That's really bad!!"

"Yupp!!! So gotta go kay. Happy shopping and take care!"

"Yeah... you too. Bye!"

I was too shocked for words.

May Allah bless the souls of those dimished and wiped out by the sea and menempatkan mereka dikalangan org2 soleh and solehah. Amin...


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