Wednesday, December 08, 2004

It's the season to be jolly... tra la la la la la la la la...

It's the time of year again when every kid wishes to be on Santa's good list, parents dash madly to complete their shopping list and run huge credit bills and shopping establishments run joyously to the bank to deposit their healthy revenues.

Yupp people... it's Christmas time...

Fact of the matter is, I actually, truly love Christmas! Not as much as I embrace Raya but I welcome the thought of hearing Christmas songs blasting its way in shopping malls, the tall handsome tree beautifully decorated making it's presence felt and outrageous sales happening all at once everywhere all over the nation.

Don't get me wrong. I'm just celebrating the festive side of Christmas not the Nativity side. In fact, I not only celebrate Christmas, I usher in Chinese New Year (red angpows, mandarin oranges and the blasted crackers), Deepavali (homemade authentic thosais), Easter (bless the sinful but delicious Easter eggs) and Thanksgiving (turkey anyone?) just to name a few. Must be because I'm from a multi-racial country that welcomes diversity of all sorts that resulted me in being a heterogeneous person.

I love hearing Christmas songs rendered by the evergreen singers like Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Aretha Franklin. It's like hearing the persona gratas of Sanisah Huri, Sudirman, P. Ramlee during Raya. The Christmas tree never ceased to amaze me with it's many yet distinctive ornaments and lights lip-lapping (ada ka such word?) all the way. Mince pies so sweet that they'll numb your brain out if you have too much.

And talk about the sales!! It's total madness! Everywhere I turn, it's huge banners all over the shop windows bearing the letters S.A.L.E. B would say that the shops have been on sale for the whole year but the prices are so ridiculously low that I kid you not. The day before, I was sauntering down Loughborough's High Street with Zareef and saw that Clarks had a 50% sale. Went in and browsed through for I wasn't really expecting them to sell anything less than 50%. But lo and behold, I saw Jue's handbag at a bargain price of £5. I snorted in amazement. Damn! Kalau Jue tau beg yg dia dok berebut ngan minah salleh mana ntah dah jadik £5 mesti pengsan.

Anyhoo, we will be having our own Christmas parties to attend to. Zareef's nursery is holding their party tomorrow at Cognito complete with a visit from the great man himself... HO HO HO... with a disco thrown in and various drinks and food included. Whallau! Kecik2 lagi anak aku dah pandai berparty! But never mind... he's still too small to understand anything. B's party is on the 16th and mine will be on the 23rd.

So... to fellow readers and friends who do really celebrate Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas. May the season be filled with endless joys and happiness. To the rest, enjoy the holidays and have a very wonderful New Year!


jula juli said...

Talking about xmas Nora, my shopping list sepanjang sungai NIL tuh !. Tak abih abih, and am become botak already, much money i have to splash out. Finished with D and Adam's pressies and now looking for stocking filler plak. Tu blom masok inlaws, nephews and nieces. Off to Ireland from 22nd Dec til 2 Jan.

Have a lovely Xmas

doubleaye said...

I love Christmas too!! It's definitely the best time of the year with tall christmas trees beautifully decorated! It somehow gives me this unexplainable warm fuzzy feeling.....

noresh said...

rini: wahhh... pjg nye shopping list! u must be shopping like mad now. dah letak xmas tree kat rumah belum? merry christmas and happy new year to you, D and Adam.

zoowra: i know what u mean with the unexplainable fuzzy feeling. i get it too. must be the christmas spirit looming around this time of year. tapi paling best is the xmas hols which is about 11 days long over here, starting from xmas eve right up to 3rd Jan.