Monday, December 13, 2004

Growing Up, You Say??

Zareef is taking his afternoon nap now. So, I'm going to write really, really fast before he wakes up and spoils the ideas that I have for blogging today.

Talking about the little kiddo, B and I have decided (well, it's the former mainly) to pull out Zareef from his current nursery. Reason being, he's not happy going there. So, when the son is unhappy, so is the dad.

"Zareef nak pegi Balamory nursery today?"

"No! Zayeef tak nak"

"Kenapa Zareef tak nak? Zareef can play with friends. Zareef can play with Liz and Vicky"

"Zayeef nak play with mommy. Zayeef nak Harry Potter. Zayeef nak car flying"

And so the scene repeats itself every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I would send him right up to the door of his Blue room while B waits in the background because he can't bear to see his son crying and wailing his heart out everytime we leave him there. It would always be me to hand Zareef over to his teachers. At this point, Zareef would be screaming "Nak Mummy! Nak Mummy!" and bawling and struggling to get free. Usually, it'll take him about 5 to 10 minutes to cool down and play about. At 4.30, when we pick him up, he'll be crying again when he sees us. According to Vicky, he was fine for the whole session except at the beginning when I left him and in the end when he sees other parents picking up their children.

So, to end all his sufferings, we (it's more of B) opted to stop sending him to the nursery. Darn it! There goes my precious personal time but hey... I get to save £90 a month and spend it on ... shopping??


Yesterday was a day of DVD marathon. I managed to watch Princess Diaries 2, The Stepford Wives and Dodgeball. I know, I know... they're all old stories but I didn't get to see them when they were released in the theaters. Having a two year old has stopped B and I from frequenting the cinemas for more than that period. We've missed countless premieres and I have lost tracked of all the latest movies to-date.

I admit it. I'm a sucker for teenage, sappy, happy ending, funny romantic stories. Grow up you tell me? Well, age wise I am but deep in my heart of hearts, I'm still a young kid. Heck! I'd rather watch O.C (Benjamin Mackenzie's rolling eyes is something that I have yet to achieve)and One Tree Hill (Chad Michael Murray is simply delicious!) reruns any time of day rather than... the news?? My all time favorites would be Dawson's Creek, Gilmore Girls, Beverly Hills 90210 (I watched all the reruns repeatedly having it recorded on VHS when I was in the States) and Roswell. I don't know why but maybe, just maybe I'm not quite ready to admit to myself that I'm a wife and a mom or another maybe, I'm not ready to grow up, just yet.

But for now, I'm happy watching a stockful of DVDs courtesy of my pet sis and her hubby who kindly loaned us their hundred pounds worth of DVDs. Yeay!!


The year 2004 is coming to an end in 18 days time and I have yet to list down my 2005 resolutions which in my case never materialized. This time around, I'm going to list down in this blog of mine as a constant reminder to myself and for others to motivate me (hopefully ada yg sudi jadi motivator) to accomplish.

1. Lose weight. This has been at the top of my list since... forever!
2. Learn to be grateful to God for what I have.
3. Buy a house preferably a semi-detached or a bungalow when I come home next year.
4. Be a faithful Muslim.
5. Make life easier for B and Zareef.
6. Spend more time with family.
7. Contribute to a charity be it money, time, energy or knowledge.
8. Get a new hunky-dory job.
9. Make more new friends and less enemies.
10. Repay my parents for everything that they have done for me.

Well, that's about it. I have learnt from the past to make it small at first and build it up from there. That said, I'm starting my baby steps now, hoping that I'll be able to leap and bound not long after that.


Along said...

hello noresh, mau beli rumah semi-d or banglow balik nanti?..hehehehe, kumpul duit bebanyak, mahal wooo...unless le ko nak dok seremban ke, melaka ke, kalau klang valley...get ready with at least rm600K!!

noresh said...

along... tell me about it! *sigh!* we're trying to save money nak bawak balik nih... hopefully, dgn izin Allah we'll accomplish this ultimate goal kalau not now, later maybe?