Friday, December 17, 2004

Coronary Angioplasty

Got news from home that MIL is in SMC recovering from the above procedure. Apparently, she complained of chest pains and it wasn't the first time. So, my BIL decided to send her to SMC for further checkups. The doctor did several tests- urine, blood, the works. The result; MIL's cholesterol level was skyhigh. Her's was 15 treble that of the average 5. They did a scan and found that one of her arteries was blocked and so a coronary angioplasty was deemed necessary. Alhamdulillah the procedure went well and she's out of the woods. Right now she's recovering at home under the care of my two younger BILs. Luckily both of them are home. One just finished his studies at UTP and the other is on semester break.

Hearing the news was a shock to both B and I. MIL is only 49 but she has suffered high blood pressure eversince her second child was born and it has not gone down ever since. This is certainly an eye opener for me.

You see, I weigh in at the end of the scale or nearly, so I'm quite concern with how I fare in the health department. From now on, it's a change of lifestyle for me. Eat less, exercise more and have happy thoughts. No more stressing out. It's all or nothing now.

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