Saturday, December 11, 2004

Not quite ready for the dance floor yet


While on break during work today, I had the chance to read The Sun left by John Doe. Apparently, Britons are freaking out because some of their Christmas traditions are being banned by their respective local councils in fear of offending the minorities of this country.

In Luton, the city council gave directives of naming their Christmas Lights as Luminous Lights in apprehensiveness of disrespecting 20,000 odd Muslims in Bedfordshire. The phrase 'Merry Christmas' was slashed out of Christmas cards coming from No. 10. Instead, it was replaced with just 'Have a Happy New Year' and signed by Tony Blair himself! In some big stores in London, Santa's grotto were not seen in view of recent paedophile events and to protect both the Santa and children from abuse allegations.

All this are done by the bureaucrats themselves! The killjoys of Christmas. The meddlers of all muddles. The sole reason given was not to offend people of different religions. Well... that is total BULL!!!

I'm a Muslim and I do not condemn Christmas celebrations. In fact, I have never condemn any religious celebrations be it Deepavali, Chinese New Year, Hanukkah or Easter. I believe that each and everyone of us has the right to celebrate the festivals of their professed faith. Even Islam teaches us to respect others even if it means respecting their different beliefs and religious teachings.

It is absurd that some officials in this country use health and safety reasons to account for the ban of Christmas traditions. It's like saying that we can't have ketupat for our Raya, the Chinese can't give angpow to children and singletons, the Indians can't draw their 'kolam' on their driveways and no bunnies for Easter.

I don't mind at all that Zareef went for his Christmas party. Veritably, I'm glad that Zareef got to experience Christmas as part of his due course in enriching his life. I wouldn't want to raise my child to lead a recluse life. Instead, I want his to be one embellished with different cultures, traditions and values.

With that, I rest my case.

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